Extracts from the Visitors' Book for the exhibition "WAITING"
9.-12. November 2006, Galerie Ruth Maier


Continue like this, and let your ideas and visions make more pictures!

Erwin und Maria Vögel

... in this way Barbara Vögel has created hundred of works of arts over the last three years which are unique.

Conny Bischofberger, Kurier-Sonntagschefin

Then you "happen to" find a homepage. After three-quarters of an hour you get to your feet, and first you are speechless, stunned, impressed. This wit, this imagination!!!

Veronika Nussbaumer

Great exhibition!

Dr.Anton Fink

Wonderful works! We think your pictures are super! Please carry on – as time goes by we want to stock up the collection!!!

Evi Romen und David Schalko

She is an artist and has great success with her collages. Many artists do not become rich – but she has already seen a lot of the world.

Liesl Freude, Munich-Germany

Great pictures!

Manfred Fritsch

Congratulations on these pictures!

Johanna Bouchardeau, Forcalquier-France

Delighted Guntmar after looking at your works of art!

Guntmar Lasnig

From today it should be obvious – you MUST carry on.


Great to be at the exhibition!


Everything found, everything touched - Barbara forever!
Everyone I have spoken to was impressed. Now you are a star.

Kati Krusche

Wonderful, and thanks!


Very beautiful exhibition!

Miriam Lehner

Mingo was impressed!

Mingo Krusche

Me too!


Chère Barbara,
ton exposition était impressionnante!
Ton oeuvre d´art a une caractere si original.
Je te suhaite beaucoup de succés dans le future!

Katharina, Nancy-France

This imagination! Do it again!

Arno Aschauer

I can't tell you how moved I am! Here is someone who remains true to himself, goes his own way with all the obstacles and pain, and finds expression for his energy in such collages! Admiration, praise, respect!

Ruth Stadler, Madrid

Barbara, a star in the collage heaven! I congratulate you with all the senses at my disposal!

Nina Neudecker

We are just looking at your pictures -- and have already found favourites!

Birgit Reichert


2 happy women in your exhibition!

I am very impressed and moved by the collages, but also by the account of your life!
Feel as though I can get to know you!

Angelika Bischof

Such beautiful works!

Nike Glaser-Wieninger

Actually, we always knew there was something unique in "our" Barbara. Finally, finally, finally she can show it! Thanks!


Super! Honest!


Congratulations! Really fine - such a success!

Verena Nielsen, Bremen-Germany

I congratulate you!

Svila Singer

Thanks! We thought it was fascinating, moving and just great.

Brigitte, Erwin, Matthias

You're super!

Katja Mican

Thanks for this fine, great, funny exhibition!

Kurt und Brigitte Farasin

I was enthusiastic about what I had seen earlier in photographs: the shapes, colours, content! I hope I have another chance of a picture of yours, and I hope your creative flow never ebbs! Carry on!

Gerda Mennel

I am overwhelmed!

Fiona Meisel

Saw the exhibition! Great!


So much talent! You can be really proud of yourself, congratulations!

Kornelia Hagenbucher, Munich-Germany

I like your collages very much!

Felix Wenzl

Really super, honest!



Birgit und Stefan Ruzowitzky, OSCAR winner for "best foreign picture 2008"  

More like this! Wonder-won-der-ful!

Vinc Abbrederis

People come along, are amazed and think everything is great.
Me too!

Hans Wenzl und Jutta Lehner

Sensational! Thanks!

Dr.Amelie Walter

Partial "healing" of my yearnings in your pictures.

Gaby Reisinger

A triumph! One of the highlights of my visit to Vienna !

Annette Bennett, Sydney

In an unknown way I would like to congratulate you. I'm impressed at the way you give meaning to apparently worthless things. And the commentaries on thecollages are great! Thanks; you made me giggle!

Nehma K.

Exhibition, collages - great!


It's a good thing that your collages have taken their place in Dor-Film. Fine!

Nina Lang

Hey Barbara, if I were rich, I would buy all the pictures!

Sumaya Ramsauer

Took a "free" right to the exhibition and laughed a lot, great! THANKS!

Joachim und Gudrun

You are the great find in this exhibition, really fantastic! I am very inspired by the picture-language-force in your pictures!

Karin Schön

The pictures are great!

Mathilde Kohler

I am proud of you!

Birgit Reichert

Initial scepticism was followed first by mild surprise, an amused smirk and then loud laughter, tenfold! Creativity and humour TOP-CLASS!! Brilliant offbeat humour! Super!

Mark Patzelt

The exhibition is a hundred times better than the film I have just seen.
(Note: I mean the film "Borat")

Sabrina Bischof

Finally it's here! Super! 95 exquisite collages! Lots of stories, lots of characters, comical and original!

Ehrenfried Natter


Lilli Wiener

Great exhibition!


Works of art! I really liked the "American garbage dump in the ice".

Yvonne Moser

Your exhibition was a complete success! I'd like your works lot. They are honest, personal, and they have a very individual, witty aesthetic. Met M. and she told me how much she likes your works.

Sibylle Gieselmann

A whole group of us are really enthusiastic about your collages. Progress, no doubt about it! More, more, more! 

Martina List

First I thought you were off the wall, now I know you're brilliant!

Judith Limberger

Thanks for the great exhibition! Let's have more!

Nina Lang

Congratulations! I am proud of you!

Verena Kraßnitzer

Wonderful, witty, exciting!

Julia und Martin

Carry on collecting, carry on gluing, carry on living!


Your collage has a place of honor above my desk and delights me every day!

Christina Holweg

Thanks! The eyes are the window of the heart, Anne and Felix are inspired and dance.

Anne Bennent und Felix

I would like to congratulate you on this exhibition! I am very proud to have met you. Touching pictures, thanks!


Super exhibition, cool, funny! Thanks!


Beautiful works! Great ideas!

Katharina Natter

Heartfelt and wonderful!

Kornelia Steinhardt

So multifaceted, beautiful and exciting! I am very proud of you!

Uli Ladenbauer

It was a lot of fun for me to visit your exhibition, and I am very pleased to have met you. Best regards from a Japanese woman! Thanks!

Nahoko Fort-Nishigami, Tokio-Paris-Wien

I peer through our "porthole collage" and enjoy it!

Isabelle Welter

All the best, I am very impressed!

Hubert Greber

Super things!


Thanks a lot!


Enthusiastic visitor to the exhibition!


It´s great!


At last an exhibition that's fun!

Babsi Nowy

How magnificent! Now your collages are on many walls!

Sabine Derflinger