Extracts from the Visitors' Book for the exhibition "SHORT PORNOS"
11. - 20. April 2008, Mican Film


Hot, hot, hooooot! I love it!
Thanks for your beautiful and important work!

Anita Frech und Ray

Good luck! You know what I mean Schatzi – you are the best.

Kati Krusche

I cross my fingers and everything else I can, believing firmly in you and your works.


I just have to agree -- great idea!
More invitations please!


Congratulations on this exhibition!
Lots more fun and success!

Fritz Otti

Would love to have seen her latest exhibition…remember she had some witty pictures in that show! Must have slipped them in when no one was looking!

Annette Bennett, Sydney

We – Fanny and Danny - are impressed! Thanks very much for the enlightenment!

Fanny und Danny Krausz

A help for the mid-life crisis! Thanks! Laughed a lot – like pornography too, but don't tell anybody!


Exciting! I think this really is an extremely BRAVE exhibition! To reveal so much of oneself! Very admirable!

Elly Förster-Streffleur

I´m your fan! Keep it up! Great work!


Your life story is very moving, your collages very humourous.


Brave, inspired and refreshingly non-ironic: in a word - honest. You sense the human being who is not (any longer?) frightened by life, who is familiar with everything human. Thanks for the tender and direct contact.

Toni Weiss

Short porns create long thoughts.
It was an incredibly sensual exhibition. Visually, as well as in terms of touch and taste.
What remains is still the poetry in the wonderful crossover between the everyday nature of the initial material and a new signification brought about by the encounter with you and Rocco.
Intermingled with the procedure of intuitive analysis, a deeply feminine quality. In retrospect it also seems quite clear why you use your left hand: after all, the right is just a result of cogito ergo sum. And where, in the case of Arthur S., the non-sensual, alien-controlled unity has to find its place in lined text, you open up the line and open this door. Baubo and Yoni as the tutelary godesses of the evening.
Looking forward to the next exhibition with eager anticipation.

Arno Aschauer

Very relaxed, beautiful atmosphere at the opening – and you a "total work of art"!
Barb at her best, really! Very, very fine.
I'll "come" again…
And the presentation was also a really fine!

Gaby Reisinger

Cheers to Rocco and Barbara!

Gesche G.

A wonderful exhibition! It was fun for me to "work" here!


Only managed to read your thoughts about the exhibition in peace and quiet today - can very well follow all your feelings; fine thoughts about this taboo subject for women.
Some apparently disturbed visitors may find your exhibition an opportunity to confront their sexuality and/or their hidden desires.
Carry on!

Martina List

Great! Thanks! Fine, fine exhibition!

Eschi Fiege

I am very proud of you; who has an aunt like you! I'm looking forward to the next exhibition, but then I'd like to see a few rear views of men's asses. A beautiful man's ass is also a beautiful thing…

Raffaela Vögel

Have to completely rethink my sexuality, have gathered many impressions and expectations. Shouldn't think there is much alternative to sex tourism; after all, where can women get hold of "toys" like that here in Europe???
At a loss,


Congratulations on the exhibition!!! Super presentation, perfectly done! Collages – Brave, powerful, interesting, typical Barbara.

Ehrenfried Natter

Great nasty girl!

Fiona und Birgit

So that's ROCCO! Sexy thing - like the exhibition!

Babsi Nowy

Came here especially from far away and am very impressed by your collages.

Renate Amann

Muchas gracias! Mui bien!

Carolina, Bolivia

I wanna know what love is…have to find out again

Mingo Krusche

Very tasty!

Evi Romen und David Schalko

Oo, oo, oo, oo… cool stuff!

Caro, Hannes, Ulli

Lough and enjoy it! Good luck!


I love the exhibition! Much fun, good sex, nice inspiration, lots of tenderness…

Sabine Derflinger

Funny & exciting!

Hans Wenzl

Really a great artist!

Jutta Lehner

Amusing, dirty, lusty, feminist, sensitive and humourous!

Gudrun Sturn

Exciting, brave, witty, erotic at times.
Left me with many great impressions. I admire you very much for your work; I have the feeling that art is a part of you. It is courageous to present yourself in this way, but I also see that your authenticity generates understanding among the visitors.

Joachim Hagleitner

It's the first time we've bought big art, and we've gone straight for something so extraordinary! But I think sooner or later your red collage will enjoy the society of another picture of yours.

Joachim Hagleitner & Gudrun Sturn

Your exhibition was impressive! Before your exhibition I didn't know who Rocco is

Birgit Reichert

Thank you very much again for the wonderful exhibition!
A complete success, and I can only emphasise once more: great! Congratulations!

Claudia Krausz

On the way home I was considering what you said about your porno-art and the reactions of some people who attend the exhibition. I think it's great that despite that - or perhaps precisely because of it - you continue on your path consistently.

Astrid Friedl

Best wishes for future exhibitions!


I like your collages very, very much; they appeal to me directly! Warmest congratulations - it takes a lot to dare approach the subject and then get an exhibition on its feet!

Ruth Stadler, Madrid

Thanks once again for the wonderful exhibition!

Guntmar Lasnig