Great! Great homepage! Incredibly hard-working life and works. I saw the "short porno" exhibition in the autumn. Absolutely wild and good. All my respect!

Brigitte Kren

The longer I look at “Rear Window", the more I like the collage - there is a great danger that I'll keep it for myself…

Caro Abbrederis

When I look at your homepage and your many collages, I have the very strong sensation that I want to own all these pictures. It's funny, because otherwise I never buy pictures, but in the case of yours I envy the owners of your other collages. I would like to hang them all up at home and enjoy them. At least I do own a couple of your pictures, and they manage to get a smile out of me every day.

Fiona Meisel

I saw your website today and had a look at the collages. I am delighted; they really are stunning! Delicacies, silent, funny, inviting the observer to take off on a flight of fancy, forcing this. I'm really enthusiastic…

Uli Jacobs

Although I am not an art critic, going by everything I know and feel, these collages have an incredible equality. They show you the point of leading a colourful, rich life with all its ups and downs. People like that have such stories to tell.

Mag.Willi Klinger

Your biography is astonishing, unpretentious, daring, soaring with the heart. I have had a look at your collages, and they are fantastic.

Barbara Schönwandt

Well, you're doing some fine things there, it makes me curious!!

H. Richter

… looking at your art makes all the work meaningful again.

Christine H.

Now I'm excited - listen to me: you're going to be very famous! I am quite sure about that. I really think that by means of your work you are able to trigger perceptions, and I believe that happens very, very seldom! I sense that you have something completely new to say. I have no idea about art, but when I see your works I have to laugh; sometimes I also find them incredibly sad, but the main thing for me is that you point out facets of life in a very intelligent, sensitive honest way, managing to make them moving as well - and on top of all that it's fun! There is nothing pseudo-affected or extra-smart about it.
I hope you can always work the way you want to!

Anja Decker

 I find your works unusual, which is why they appeal to me unusually... Congratulations!!!

Claudia Molitorie