Extracts from the Visitors' Book for the exhibition AUSTRIAconTEMPORARY,
November 2008 - February 2009, ESSL MUSEUM


A fine success!

Susanne and Hubert


…saw the "Caries Attack" series. Great artwork! Congratulations on your fantastic success!

Dr.Andrea Zörner, Dentist

… I liked your things very much; I was one of the last to leave, everything was done fantastically!

Alessandra Appel-Palma

Mischa was here with the whole family - and delighted.

Claudia Krausz

Super work! Great pictures!

Patrizia Kleber

… because the best thing was not just captured but will remain with you: your independent, creative expression.

Su Wastl



today I indulged myself in your works at the essl collection and stood in front of them very happily, and for a very long time. the collages are one of the highlights of the entire exhibition. how it is possible to come up with such titles is a complete mystery to me. my first thought was that you would have to be completely out of your mind in order to invent things like that.
the pornos were also incredibly funny.
thank you very much for the enjoyable morning!

nina glatzel

I often had to smile to myself about your collages; it was really very entertaining, and the reaction from the people nearby was also interesting - they were saying that "Essl has at last dared to do something."


I have just come from the Essl Museum, where I admired your collages. I think your works are great, and at times I couldn't stop myself from laughing; I'm really delighted by your works. My absolute favourite is: "Caries armada attacks a tooth".

Theresa Dann

Una exposición con muchísimas facetas!
Me encantan las “imagines-cuentos” de Barbara Vögel en un mundo Nuevo, que nos cambia los puntos de vista y no sabre nuestra mente estrecha.
Felicidades Essl!

Raquel (de Madrid)

Yesterday I went to the AUSTRIAconTEMPORARY Exhibition, where I felt especially drawn to your pictures." A woman in Kabul teaching another woman" appealed to me in particular.


… went to the exhibition in the essl collection not long ago with my girlfriend, where your collages were among those on presentation; we both liked them very much indeed, I just wanted to tell you. Are there more of them?

Michael Stavaric

P.P.s favourite artists are Barbara Vögel – who is an autodidact and has been devoting herself excluively to art for some years. For her works of art she uses objects trouvés, which she composes into collages without changing them…


We really admired your works, your ideas and your humour!

Fritz Otti

I had a look at your website. Honestly: hats off to you. Your collages are the best examples of your work I have seen so far. I´d almost be prepared to bet that the "greenlandic fur jackets", "male torso", "Guillotine" and "Kabul" are sold already.

Burkhard Bischof

… would like to say that I find your collages very poetic.

Ursula Lindenberg, England

We were all very impressed by your fine, moving, clever and amusing works -- and we congratulate you most warmly!

Annette und Hannes Landl




Margaux from France

Praiseworthy, to dedicate an exhibition to the fresh artists of Austria! It would be a good idea for other museums to follow suit.

R. from Bern/Switzerland

In 20 years every Austrian home will have a Vögel "short porno" hanging in the bedroom.


Yuk again pornography here as well.


Porno Jean!

Cool exhibition!



Barbara Vögel, the new shooting star in the Austrian art scene. We always knew it!

Joachim Hagleitner und Gudrun Sturn

This is the third time I have been to the exhibition, and I am crazy about Barbara Vögel's work. Great! Do it abide is refreshing art!

Elisabeth Eppensteiner

Barbara Vögel's collages display an incredibly exciting attitude: a fantastic mixture of the aesthetic, analytic and intuitive knowledge + HUMOUR!
Thanks and I wish you every success!

Anita Frech

pupils visiting the exhibition:

It was… very… interesting. But the pornographic pictures were disgusting!!

S.T. aus der 2D



Was red hot!

Johann G. aus der 2B

HELLO! I think it's really funny here, but a few the pictures were revolting… (very)!!!

Y.T. aus der HB3

I thought it was REAL COOL!

... I found it really disgusting, I feel completely sick…

… And I don't feel like my super delicious sandwich.