Extracts from the Visitors' Book for the exhibition "SHORT PORNOS"
October 2008, Liebenswert - feminine Lebensart


I have been looking at Barbara's pictures and thank the Lord God that he has created such beautiful women.

Dein Däta Erwin, 4. October 2008

Oh ROCCO, oh BARBARA, thank you for such joyful moments!

Gudrun & Joachim

I am going to have a beautiful time today. Thanks for the inspiration! Love!


Oh la la!.. very cool. Nobody is going to copy you in a hurry! Thanks!


Yeah Baby, Rock´n Roll!


Very charming exhibition, wonderful conception with a great deal of feeling. That's missing in art. Keep hold of it PLEASE!

Great work -- carry on!

Thanks for speaking this sort of language! Sex is all around!
Really shaggable, your pics!


Thanks for Inspiration! Bravo ROCCO Vögel!

Rudi & Claudia

Thanks for the great exhibition opening!

Love Gina Z.

Grazie Barbara!
Rocco sarà sempre una grande ispirazione per te e le tue immagini lo sono per noi.


The second Porno-series: a success! Great collages, interesting intro from Berlin.
Carry on,


Thanks for the nice exhibition. I'd like to experience ROCCO live one time, too.
Best regards,


Thankyou for the enlightment!

The girl with the hat

I really enjoyed it!

Dear Barbara, thanks for showing us Rocco's unbelievable talents in a work of art. Thanks for your hand, soul - your heart and spirit.


Coming from Berlin , excited in the dungeon of Vienna !
Good luck! ...Great Work! This exhibition must go to Berlin and the whole world! More! More! More!

Stefan Puntigam


I'm crazy about great women, especially when they are from my home-province! Sexy pictures!

Barbara Baldini

Honestly, a fantastic and long-overdue exhibition. I hope this exhibition travels all around the world and changes the way a great many people think.
Looking forward to more, all the best.

Irene T.

I consider it important for me as a woman that you should clear everything out in the future and take your messages out into the world. Then perhaps we would finally hear no more stupid talk by and about women on "women's power" and how women see the world and see sex. It seems to me that the way you see the world is right. This is because as a viewer (films and television) it always bothered me a great deal that in German films the only image of women conveyed is of the cute, sweet Ildiko-von-Kürthy type. They never struck me as real people, and I always found it dishonest. When I became a writer – on "Keinohrhasen" I was able to move things along a little for the first time – I was allowed to write characters who also had qualities. Enough of these sweet florists and clumsy single mothers who first fall in love with an asshole and then finally get together with their upright neighbour, who is a furniture designer.

Anja Decker